Hello (blog) World!

console.log('hello world');

If you're starting to learn coding, the line of code above might be one of the first lines you'd type in some text editors. Similarly, this post feels like that, as it's my first blog after 28 years of life.

Let me introduce myself a little bit

Umm.. I think you can guess my name, as it would appear on the home page before you click to see this post or you might have opened this post directly from the link which you should also see my name on the domain. Okay enough, I'm Punn a software engineer currently working on front-end web development which is not the UI parts but something on the client side. It sounds mysterious, right? Because I've heard that the mystery makes someone charming.

Why do I decide to write a blog?

I've thought of writing a blog many times before because I wanted to share something for those of you who are reading and for me in the future (as a memory). Every time that I thought it was just a thought. But this time it's different, I actually created this blog!

What I'll be writing in this blog?

I'll write about random things, not just tech topics but might be some movie reviews, lifestyle, or something that interests me at that moment. So, take a seat and stay tuned for my next post... (Some of them may be written in Thai)